Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Drowning

Dogs love outdoors activities such as going to the beach or having a walk by a lake and jumping or swimming in the water. Though most of the them can swim, a danger of drowning in the water is always present. Just like humans, their swimming abilities vary greatly. Not all of them can swim and though most can, many of them can only swim in short distance and easily get tired in the water which leads to drowning. That is why pet owners must be keen enough in protecting their best friend when doing near water activities.

We value our friend as we value our lives. Always observe safety measures when doing activities to keep your dogs or pets safe. Here are some safety tips to keep your animal safe while doing activities in water or in areas near water:

1. Always keep an eye on your him. They love to jump or swim on the water and there’s a big tendency that may get drowned. Never let your dogs to play alone in the water or assume that they can swim. When they get tired in the water they might panic while on the water which then leads to drowning. Make sure to keep an eye on him or you’re on their side while they are in the water.

2. If you have pool in your backyard, make sure to install a fence or safety gate to prevent him from getting in the pool. If he is in the pool area even when the pool has pool covers, always keep an eye on the dog. Your pet might step on the pool assuming that the cover is a steady surface.

3. Use a dog life jacket when going to the beach or walking near water or lake. Life jackets will give you peace of mind on the safety of your pet. It will keep your dog afloat while he’s in the water. But make sure that you have the right life jacket for him. The jacket must be of right fit for the size and length of the dog and must have buoyancy to keep the dog floating. Also make sure that you have correctly fastened the jacket on the dog.

Dogs are man’s best friend. Seeing you’re pet drowning is a real traumatic experience. When you can’t always keep an eye on your pets at home, make sure to look for possible water hazards in your home and drown proof it. When doing activities in the water or near water, make sure to observe safety measures such as using a dog life jacket for your dog.

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